Attendees 18 years of age and older must have a state-issued ID to pick up their badge. Attendees 13-17 years of age may use their student ID. 

Admission for children 12 years of age and younger is free, but they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian badge holder. 

Please have your identification and your ticket readily available when you pick up your badge. Your ID must match the name on your ticket. 

Have a fantastic time at VoltCon!


Please make note of the following policies and provisions to ensure everyone has a fantastic time at this event. 

a) Accommodations: Ticket purchases DO NOT guarantee availability of rooms at the venue. We highly suggest that you book a room as soon as possible after purchasing your convention ticket. You must call the venue directly to book a room, and be sure to mention that you are attending VoltCon. 

b) OUTSIDE ALCOHOL POLICY: Any outside alcohol must remain in your room. Please note that NO outside alcohol is permitted in the convention space. This is important; you will be requested to leave without a refund if caught with outside alcohol in the common areas. 

c) You are welcome to keep your own beverages and food in your room. 

d) SMOKING POLICY: This is a smoke-free facility. 

e) ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY: VoltCon is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone [regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion or opinion/view.]  As such, we employ a NO TOLERANCE harassment policy.

f) WEAPONS POLICY: No live steel. This includes any object made of metal that could hold an edge, regardless of whether it is sharp or remains sheathed. No firearms, including toys and props. No explosives of any kind. Acceptable props can be made of tissue paper, plaster, cardboard, plastic, wood, etc. as long as they pose no danger to you and other convention attendees. Any misuse of a prop will result in a warning and removal of the item from the convention area. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the convention without refund. Appropriate authorities will be contacted for more severe infractions. All decisions made by VoltCon are final.

g) As a general policy, VoltCon does not take sides in personal disputes among individuals. Only in the event that we receive a complaint regarding the harassment of one attendee by another, followed by documented evidence showing a violation of the above policies and that the issue pertains to VoltCon will we look into such a situation.

h) The badge is a limited,  revocable  license  to  attend  VoltCon, which  may  be  revoked  or  revised  at  any  time  at  the  sole  discretion  of the convention organizers.  All  badge  holders  and  licenses  granted thereto are subject to the rules and regulations of VoltCon.  A  badge  may  be revoked  and  a  badge  holder  ejected  from  the  convention  for  disorderly conduct,  a  violation  of  the  law  or  rules.  

i) The badge holder acknowledges that by appearing at VoltCon they may appear in photos or videos taken at the convention and  consents  to  such  recording  and  its  publishing  or  re-broadcasting for promotional purposes.  

j) By attending this event, the badge holder releases VoltCon  from  any  liability  for  loss  or  damage to persons or  property,  infringement  of  any  right,  or  any  other  claim or cause of action of any kind; authorizes  and  permits  VoltCon  and  its organizers to use for any purposes his or her name, voice, and likeness and all reproduction thereof  in  any  form o  media  now  and  hereafter  in perpetuity;  understands  they  are  prevented  from  taking,  recording,  or creating film,  or digital pictures,  videos,  tapes,  sound recordings,  or any other visual or auditory recreation of any kind whatsoever, of any VoltCon guest, member,  volunteer,  or organizer,  including but not  limited to any VoltCon forum, seminar, session, dance, or performance, for any commercial use, or for the solicitation of funds for any commercial or other purpose , without the express  written permission of VoltCon; agrees to comply with all rules and regulations. This badge is non-refundable and will not be replaced.  

VoltCon reserves the right to add to or change these policies with or without notice at any time. We urge everyone to get along and use expected common courtesy when attending the event.