VoltCon! is a fan-run celebration of Voltron and related properties. To put it simply, we are a small group of longtime fans who had a dream of creating an event that pays tribute to Voltron - and we're excited to have finally made it a reality! While VoltCon! is a fairly new event, we have decades of event coordinating experience between us, as well as much enthusiasm for what we're doing and a support system of veteran local convention runners. We are thrilled to bring VoltCon! back for its second year! 

VoltCon! is working in cooperation with World Events Productions (the creators of Voltron) and The Voltron Store, but is in no way affiliated with them, DreamWorks, Netflix, or any of the other licensed Voltron subsidiaries. VoltCon! is an event created by the fans for the fans! 


We love Legendary Defender and consider it a milestone of writing and animation that has revitalized the franchise. That said, our event pays tribute to all facets of Voltron, with a strong focus on the original series from 1984. We also celebrate similar and related franchises of the period, such as Macross/Robotech, Mobile Suit Gundam, Transformers, Saber Rider, and the list goes on. 


VoltCon! is not a stately conglomerate of corporate entities working with a stable of celebrity guests in an autograph mill. All proceeds from ticket sales go back into the event. That said, we do not feel that celebrity guests are necessary for a fun and memorable celebration of the show(s) we love. What we offer is a personalized experience for fans to enjoy various facets of the franchise(s) with others in the community. 


VoltCon! features an exhibitor hall where you can peruse all manner of Voltron and related franchise merchandise, official and fan-made items. It ias an ideal spot for longtime collectors and newbies alike to check out all the amazing creations available. 


VoltCon! tickets are available HERE. Please review our policies on the "Registration" page prior to attending the convention to help ensure everyone has a great time. 


If you're 18+ and interested in volunteering at VoltCon!, you are most welcome! Please send us a message via the contact form HERE.

It's going to be a blast, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

Ready to form VoltCon!!!